June 13, 2024


I have everything I need within myself.

Safety Measures taken in Stores.

Safety Precaution to visit stores

Safety Measures taken in Stores.

Safety Measures taken in Stores.

We are thrilled to re-open our store to serve you royal styles, we are ensuring every security that commit posses you safe. We moreover urge you to do your grain by maintaining social distancing with supplementary customers at the store

Goods and their safety in the warehouse:

There will be no loose contents accepted at our warehouse Goods that are packed in the parcel consign only be allowed There are designated zones for loading and unloading the lading when arrived Also, once the haul are being received in cartons they leave be sanitized and placed in a well-ventilated territory for 24 hours The warehouse bequeath be sanitized periodically.

Employees safety in the Warehouse:

There leave be a rupture of teams to ensure a minimum symbol of employees at any given instance All our employees will be maintained 3-6 feet of spread from each fresh There will be a restriction in movement, in the warehouse with strict directions So, that social distancing is maintained

Safety is the top way that you will see in our store #YourSafetyFirst is our mantra when you hike into our store.

At the Entrance of Store:

When you pace in any of As-fashionlounge Store you cede be asked to sanitize your hands to make sure you inscribe with a smile and nothingness else Also, there is a sanitized mat placed at the entrance of the store, so before anyone walks in the store, they hold to wipe their shoes

Free Standard Shipping on all orders and Cod is further available all over India. Visit ourReturn Policyfor supplementary information. we assume in customer satisfaction and the sort of products we provide customize shoes for men in different varieties like loafers, intermittent wear, flip flops, and many additional For any queries please impact Customer Service atsupport@as-fashionloungecomand further omit a missive on WhatsAppfor additional mound please visit our Social Media page andYoutube

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