March 24, 2023

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Characteristics and Color Grading of Pink Diamond

With beautiful appearance, pink diamond is extraordinary rare, but procure to know phenomenon about the characteristics and the color adjudjing of it is not that bad.

Characteristics and Color Grading of Pink Diamond

Pink diamond has inclination been a precious for connoisseurs Due to the mining on Argyle mine in Australia, pink diamond got the chances to be mined, produced and listed on counts of substantial shops, but its quantity is stagnant limitedWith rare and fine beauty, it became the thumping important auction on the world-level jewelry auction Christies. Christies had an auction of a the aficionado weighing 19.66 carat which was evaluated of a number value of $7.4 million and was sold for $ 377,483 at the Geneva auction in 1994. Another point about the precious aficionado was happened in 1995, Sotheby had an auction of a irradiate purple pink diamond weighing 7.37 carat, the auction remuneration of the diamond was $818,863 for each carat and the quantity value was $ 6 million.For such a desire time, there hasnt been enough pink diamond for pandemic research in depth anywhere in the system Now the American GIA already has identification influence and germane announcement of 1500 pink diamond It is by studies on these precious stones that the characteristics and typical of color classifying are determinedThey includes: decorate purple shades of pink, pink, orange hue of the color Causes of the colorful diamonds are passive remaining more study; some research clear that the phenomenon of colorful diamond is caused by the defects of the devotee itself, which is of the alike ground as brown diamond The research besides pointed out that pink diamond includes genre I and genre II Among the 1490 diamonds, there are 1166 diamond of genre I and 324 of type II, which supplies the ratio of style I is larger than genus II Some supplementary researches also communicate that diamonds among genre I are of larger weights then sort II, which is to say, the pink color of the nut is germane with the types and the weights. Different types of diamond are of different changing ratioThe color evaluating of the follower delivered by GIA can be divided like this: faint, thumping light, light, fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy deep, fancy vividFindings of colorful diamonds display that about a half of the being studied diamond having the ribbon, and the manifestation of the ribbon of genus I is less than 65%, and genus II is of only 12%The clarity of the diamond is irrelevant to its clarity in that identification of pink diamond enjoys a quantity different natural with glaring diamond However, the influence of identification on this precious gem proved: the clarity of further than 68% pink diamond of genus II are above VS, and the assessment impact of all the samples declare that only 51% pink diamonds can scale the clarity shade of VSThe big majority of Pink diamonds regardless of longwave or shortwave would not have the fluorescent originate or of weak effectIn addition, the color of them can be changed in the cutting process .

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