November 30, 2022

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Louis Vuitton Breloques Jewelry Collection

Monogram flowers, Trunks & Bags medals, keys and locks must close to the Louis Vuitton aficionados. All of them are the iconic notation of Louis Vuitton Each of them includes a historical or imaginary facts unpunctual them Now we frequently see them in most Louis Vuitton products. Nevertheless, you may hardly see a product features all the four iconic characteristics. Louis Vuitton Breloques Jewelry mass is one of the precious collections, which must ranks tall in the vision catalogue and routine fans

Louis Vuitton Breloques Jewelry Collection

The Breloques stockpile features an extravagant ensemble of Louis Vuitton charms and medals, including padlocks, keys and Louis Vuitton Trunks & Bags medals. Coming in enamel and gold or silver-finish brass, this mass is available in two colors, distinctive black and aesthetic white, composed of bracelet and pendant Both of them are modern, eye-catching trimming for day or night As to its price, the bracelet and pendant are retailed for $430 and $290 respectively.

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